My Story

I was born in Texas, raised in Florida, and have lived in Asia and Europe.  I’ve retired in Texas, enjoying time with family and the great outdoors.  My greatest love is traveling and enjoying nature both here and abroad.  My renewed interest in photography combines well with that sense of wanderlust.

My father was an avid photographer and outdoorsman - I always loved tagging along on his adventures.  It was natural that I picked up a camera, but for a long time I was never more than a casual hobbyist.  Like most people, I simply pointed my camera at something, and pulled the trigger.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel - easy to do, but not very satisfying.  Over the years there have been a few great shots, but they were in the minority.

With an empty nest and time on my hands, I enrolled in classes with the goal of improving my photography skills.  I signed up for my first class after purchasing a new DSLR camera.  I discovered a new energy and enthusiasm for photography.  I've taken a dozen more classes in pursuit of photographic continuous improvement.  After several years, I'm still a work in progress, however I've begun to see the world from a different perspective, a photographer's perspective.  

My goals are to revisit the forty plus countries of my past with this improved perspective, and to get out there more often and hone my skills.  Wish me luck!!